My Portfolio

Website Design

Designed a website from scratch for a self-employed business owner. The client wanted the website to be SEO optimised and to have links to their YouTube channel and Social Media accounts. I also incorporated a Newsletter subscription to the site and provided them with a fully managed and hosted setup.

Online Course Design

Met up with a client who had an idea of a course that they wanted to get online. The client provided me with a copy of the content that they wanted to be on the course and I then sectioned this off into separate sections and lectures and proof-read to ensure it read through in the desired manner. This is an ongoing project with soon to have video footage (recorded by myself) added as well.

Website Design

I was approached to design and build a website for a local charity that was created by a local business woman and World Champion Boxer. As well as creating the website, I also took the photographs found on the website and also set them up with a newsletter and blog as well has full hosting and email account setup

Website Design

Fully managed and hosting setup including Newsletters, email, updates and support. The website is linked to an online course that I setup for the clients who consist of a Psychotherapist and also an Ex-international footballer.

Monthly support provided includes security updates, website backups and an SSL certificate to secure the site onto the https:// protocol.

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